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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Search Engine Optimization Necessary?

Yes. However the definition of search engine optimization is changing rapidly. A decade back blackhat techniques like keyword stuffing and backlinks were considered as SEO. However today the search engines have evolved to identify web spam. Today quality content, social signals, web analytics, high authority web mentions and online reputation are the factors for ranking. SEO is still very relevant.

Do I need Paid Search Submission?

Many SEO companies offer paid search engine submission. Don't get cheated by such offers, you don't need to submit your websites to search engines, and it doesn’t cost a penny to get indexed by the major search engines. The search engine crawlers are very powerful and can index your site within a matter of few days. However you need SEO to get higher ranking.

Can Any Inbound Links Hurt My Ranking?

Negative SEO is very much a reality. Spam links can hurt your rankings, Google official statement says that web spam is a sure shot way to get penalized. So competitors can hurt your ranking by spamming your links. Google webmaster tools has a Disavow option for this. You need to monitor the backlinks for your website/web pages and disavow any unnatural links. 

Do I Need to Buy Good Content For My Website

Search Engines are in the business of providing quality information for the visitors, so it goes without saying that search engines will prefer websites with quality information for their visitors. Hence it is extremely important for websites to have quality information and content. However it is not mandatory to have just written content, you can have videos and infographics as well. 

How To Make My Site Search Engine Friendly?

User experience is stressed by all search engines, so optimize your website the right way. The website should load fast and should be easy to navigate. You website should have quality content and well integrated with social media. Don't over optimize for keywords, let your content be as natural as possible.

How To Recover A Website If It Is Penalized?

First you need to identify the reason for the penalty. If your rankings are taking a hit then check for loading time and bounce rate of your website followed by a backlink analysis. It might take time to recover, however we can solve all the issues. Meanwhile you can focus more on social media to drive more traffic to compensate the loss of traffic from search engines.